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CityPlanner is a web based service for 3D visualisation of projects within urban development, real estate, infrastructure and energy.

Create a user and get started right away. No installation is needed. You can work with your project anytime, anywhere.

Collaborate by quickly creating versions and suggestions in your project, letting your team, stake holders and the public participate. Evolve your projects iteratively by getting feedback and updating your project as you go along.

All this and much more are available in CityPlanner. Sign up for free and start working today.



City of Gothenburg


Falu Municipality

Rosen 6

City of Norrköping

Detaljplanprogram för Henriksdal

Nacka Municipality

Benefits with CityPlanner

Shared and up-to-date

Everyone in the project have access to the latest information and share an up-to-date view. CityPlanner increases efficiency in projects and improve communication.

Installation free, Ready to run

Everything runs within all java-enabled web browsers from any ordinary computer. No installations needed. We handle all the technology behind the service, enabling you to focus on the project. Latest version of the service is always automatically available for you.

Collaborate and Communicate

Invite your project team and stake holders to the project. Update the project as many times as you need. CityPlanner also empowers you to publish your project to the public boosting the information flow and dialogue.

User friendly

CityPlanner is developed with the utmost care to help the communicator, project leader, architect and planner. It is really easy to get started. Try it now!

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